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Did you know?

Cleaning your homes exterior can be essential to the overall health of your home!
Regular cleaning can save you thousands in repair bills even if your home is brick. Allowing the green mildew or the black algae to grow can quickly lead to deterioration of the mortar joints. Even worse is when the Lichens and Moss start to take over because their root systems will cause this deterioration to happen even faster.

Most people are familiar with pressure washing and pressure washing can take off the surface growth but what about what’s under the surface? See, the mortar joints are porous and so is the brick. This allows the mildew and algae to go deeper than the surface where the pressure just cant reach…..without causing severe damage.

A “Soft Wash” is a gentle approach that allows our killing agents to penetrate the surface and kill the mildew and algae at it’s core! Take a look at a few of our before and after pictures below then give us a call to see if a soft wash is right for your investment.

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View our slideshow and see if you can find a home similar to yours. Look at all the images and know that you don’t have to live with that dirty bricks.

Cajun Soft Wash concrete cleaning exterior soft power wash Cajun Soft Wash concrete cleaning exterior soft power wash
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