No. Generally we are able to Soft Wash your roof from a ladder or even from the ground. We use a truck mounted agricultural type sprayer to supply just enough pressure to cast our solution onto your roof.

Those black streaks are called Gloeocapsa magma and they are algae. Gloeocapsa magma is nitrogen fixed and needs no nutrition to grow. The black streaks are the signs of the algae reproducing and leaving millions of dead cells to build up and cause the black streaks or, in many cases, a thick layer of black covering a large portion of your roof surface.

Algae is the number one reason for premature failure of roofs. Your roof could lose up to 50% of the service life from infestation of micro organisms.  These certain algae have what’s known as a filament root system that decomposes the roofing materials. Moss and Lichen will create divots in your roofing materials. Their root systems can, and eventually will, remove the protective layer of granules on the roofing shingles. Check our web site photos for examples of shingle damage caused by algae.

Yes. Have you ever had a black car, black seats or even worn a black shirt out in the sun? Darker surfaces absorb more heat than lighter ones. Black roofing shingles will absorb more heat in the summer causing your air conditioning to work much harder to maintain the same temperature as a lighter roof that has been cleaned.

We start by applying a special, 100% biodegradable, solution to your roof. This is a special blend we mix specifically to the needs of your cleaning project. The goal of our blend is a 100% kill ratio beyond the surface layer and eliminating the root system. We then may let the weather and rain take the surface layer off naturally or we may opt to rinse your roof while we’re on-site (this is a situational decision).

No. We would never recommend voiding your warranty! Using high pressure on roofing materials can easily cause damage and for this reason many roofing manufacturers will void the warranty if you use pressure to clean your roof. In fact; soft washing is recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association).

Our solution is a formulation designed to kill the root systems of the algae, moss and lichen on your roof…….So yes, our solution can leave burn marks on your plants and possibly even kill them. Over 20 years of roof cleaning technology has been used to design a safe way of protecting your plants and minimizing any potential damages. The lead tech on your home has been trained and tested on plant and property protection. We start by rinsing your plants and possibly covering some of the more delicate plants in an effort to minimize any potential mishap.

Absolutely. Please make sure all windows and door are completely shut. Please make sure all pets are inside and your vehicles are parked in the garage or away from the house. Potted plants should also be moved to the garage or inside your home. We also need to use one of your exterior water spigots. Please be sure they are turned on and in good working order.

Yes, we will use your water to perform our services. If this is an issue please let us know so we can bring our own water. Please understand this will increase the cost of your project but if you have a shallow well or other water issues we can fix this into our price. Please discuss the potential water issues with you estimator prior to ordering your roof cleaning. Our estimator will be happy to discuss the added cost instead of it being a surprise for all of us…..:}

We clean almost any exterior surfaces of your home. We offer whole house washing, rain gutters inside and out, walkways, driveways, patios, decks, vinyl or wood fences, sheds, tennis courts and the list goes on

We would prefer to meet with you for the estimate. This way we can be sure to address any questions you may have. However, during the cleaning you won’t need to be home.

It depends on how hard the rain is. We’re not able to clean your roof in the rain or even during a strong wind. If needed, we will reschedule your job to our next available opening or fit you in at our first available opportunity.

Let me start by saying we offer a limited LIFETIME warranty. There are a lot of variables when it comes to cleaning and preventing algae growth. Sun light, the pitch of your roof, the color and manufacture of your shingles, how close your neighbors are and if your neighbor’s roof is infested. Our cleaning solution should keep your roof streak free for about 2 to 3 years. After that some streaks may start to appear but with our limited LIFETIME warranty you’ll never need to worry about the algae infestation again!

It all depends on the size of your home, the pitch of your roof, the material and the amount of algae growing on it. Our estimator should be able to give you a good guesstimate time frame.

Yes, we are fully insured with workman’s compensation and general liability insurance. We will provide you with proof of our insurance with our free estimate!

 We take special care to insure the safety to all plants and animals but please be sure to let us know about the fish.

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