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Soft Washing is a cleaning process that utilizes low pressure (like the pressure from a garden hose) to deliver a customized cleaning solution, specially blended to meet the demands of each project.

Soft Washing has even been lab-tested by roofing manufacturers

Soft washing is a term used to describe a safe, gentle approach to a well-proven Roof Cleaning Method used for more than 25 years. Soft Washing has even been lab-tested by roofing manufacturers; in fact, Soft Washing is recommended by the American Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA).
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soft wash vs pressure wash

Soft Wash.......the name says it all!

Soft Washing is a cleaning process that utilizes low pressure (like the pressure from a garden hose) to deliver a customized cleaning solution, specially blended to meet the demands of each project.

It differs from pressure washing in that the cleaning solution is applied at low pressure, which will not harm or damage painted surfaces, shingles, stucco, wood, or vinyl siding.

The power of chemistry is what makes our Soft-wash process so effective. Different surfaces and different contaminants require different levels of “soft washing.” With each cleaning job we perform, our cleaning solution is custom mixed on-site and applied. We do not have a “one size fits all” approach to cleaning. We will customize a cleaning plan to maximize effectiveness while also keeping your cost as low as possible.

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We use the power of proven chemistry

We take our time in preparation to properly cover your plants and property so they will not be harmed.  

We are a nationally certified soft wash company.  

We have the most crews and trucks on the road daily.

All our lead technicians and assistants go through one-on-one training on plant and property protection, spraying techniques workplace safety, customer service, and many more!

We have been serving the Baton Rouge Area since 2013, and we have cleaned just about anything on the exterior.

We are fully insured with the workman’s compensation and general liability.

Why Clean My Roof?

Learn more from our professional tips and tricks on how to clean and preserve your roof


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Based on 92 reviews
Steven Gremillion
Steven Gremillion
The guys at Cajun Soft Wash were extremely communicative and professional. After years of washing the house myself, I realized I can't do it as well as they can. The house looks brand new after they left!
LTD Outdoors
LTD Outdoors
Wow! I didn't realize how dirty my house was until they cleaned it. They showed up on the day we scheduled, on time and ready to go. Washed the entire house, pool patio area and driveway in about half a day. They even cleaned the patio furniture! Highly recommend Cajun Soft Wash for your outdoor cleaning needs. It's like we turned the clock back 8 years on the exterior of our house, and I have washed it a few times myself. My washes don't even compare to what they did, and I would spend entire weekends doing it. They were done in 4 hours.
Tammy Hyatt
Tammy Hyatt
Cajun Soft Wash has done a very good job with each requested scope of work. We are very satisfied with their service and can highly recommend this company!
Michelle Osborn
Michelle Osborn
I’ve used Cajun Softwash twice and am very happy with them. This second time, there were a few missed spots but otherwise my house looked fantastic. I sent in images and they responded immediately and sent a crew out to finish up within a couple of days. Flowerbed and yard-wise? You would not have even known they were there. And the crew leader was so kind to our family! Great service- thanks so much! I’ll be telling friends and calling again when needed.
T-roy B.
T-roy B.
OUTSTANDING JOB!!! I didn't doubt Cajun would put the work in, but quietly questioned whether they'd be able to remove the mess. They removed every bit of it! VERY impressed with their work and would highly recommend them.

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